About us

About us

Located in beautiful Idaho, my small family of Havanese bounce playfully in the yard.

Three years ago, I began a quest for the perfect companion to my 1 yr. old granddaughter. After months of research, I settled on the Cuban breed of Havanese, most noted for their intelligence, playfulness and gentleness.

I also decided that the best way to get to know a dog and how to properly care for it would be to show the dog in AKC registered Conformation events.

With much anticipation I picked up my puppy from a wonderful breeder. I was amazed at her knowledge of the breed as well as the AKC events and she soon became my mentor and continues to mentor me today.

I have been showing Havanese for 2 years now and loving every minute! The preparation for these events helps to strengthen my bond with the dogs.

Since then I’ve obtained a 2nd Havanese and am working towards a litter of adorable pups!

As for my granddaughter, Havanese was the perfect choice as you can see by the photos I’ve provided. They are gentle and tolerant of her, small enough to not be intimidating and loving enough to snuggle with.

They are also Hypoallergenic which is wonderful for my granddaughter.

Biscuits N Gravy Havanese was named after my granddaughter which has been her nickname since she was born.

Today we have 2 Havanese in all and I intend to remain small. My Havanese are members of our family so remaining small is critical to our ability to love them individually.

They sleep in our home, play on our furniture and also go camping with us.

I will not ship my puppies, however, I love to take trips, and am willing to meet you part-way if need be!

A wait list is available so you can be sure to get your perfect family companion.

Feel free to contact me with any question or additional information you require. You may also visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.