Please feel free to review the testimonials given to us by individuals who have adopted from us before!

I am shocked and thrilled at what an easy transition Phoebe has made in adjusting to her new home! The first day she explored every inch of the house and yard and followed me everywhere I went. She settled in that night only waking once to pee outside. She didn't have much of an appetite though.

The next three days she had two human visitors each day and loved the attention. She also went with me on several errands in her shoulder carrier (Bjorne). All three nights she has slept through the night and not even pottied on her pad. She is eating very well now and is enjoying her surroundings and toys. She has learned to play tug of war and can squeak her smallest toys.

Remarkably she goes to the door when she wants to pee, most of the time. We have had only three accidents. She is very curious and notices everything. I am very surprised at how smart she seems to be. One of her visitors took pictures and put them on Facebook so all my friends want to meet her. I could not be more thrilled with my new family member.

Thank you so much for all your hard work with the puppies, attending to their physical and health needs and socializing them. I think that has greatly helped to make Phoebe's transition so smooth! If down the road I think Phoebe needs a friend I will definitely come back to biscuits and gravy!

Peg - May 2021

"Cynthia, I just wanted to let you know what an excellent overall experience it has been in receiving our new Havanese puppy boy, "Pip." Earlier in the year, we lost our 11 year old Havanese boy which left a big hole in our hearts. After a few months of mourning, we decided to look for another Havanese. However, due to the spike in new pet owners since the pandemic hit, it was extremely challenging to find an available Havanese puppy. Then, we found Biscuits N Gravy Havanese!! Over the course of our application to finally picking him up in Emmett, ID, Cynthia has been outstanding in providing pictures and videos to keep us "to-be parents" updated with the latest. Cynthia knows how to best care for Havanese puppies and each of the transactions I've had have been nothing but professional and sincere. She was also very accommodating of our pick up schedule since we drove from the Seattle area. What a beautiful town, Emmett, ID is!!! Pip did great during our 8 hour drive back to Seattle and slept through the night at his new home. To our surprise, he seems to be potty trained already where he tells us he wants to go outside to potty. It's only been a day, Pip has had zero accidents thus far!! I highly recommend Cynthia and Biscuits N Gravy Havanese if you are in search of Havanese puppies."

Noboru - May 2021